Student life


First years often live in halls of residence, but there are other options.

Find student accommodation

Halls on campus, student housing in town, or your own private living space? Discover which accommodation is right for you.​

Which university flatmate are you?

What does moving in with people you don't know feel like and how might you deal with it? Take our quiz to see what kind of flatmate you are.

What can I do next?

Get ideas and all the info on your options to help decide the right route for you.

Managing money

Many students wonder how they’ll afford everything during their studies. Here are some tips on managing your money.

Getting student support

People you can talk to if you have any problems at uni.

Study skills guides

Our study skills guides will help you develop the habits of effective, independent study.

What is student life really like?

Find out from our student bloggers.

UCAS student discounts

Find out about great student deals, offers, and discounts from UCAS partners.

Gap years

Enhance your CV, travel, learn new skills, and much more...

Unsure about a course, provider, or student life?

Talk to students who are already studying… they know the provider, the courses, the accommodation, and what the the city or town has to offer.

Mental health and wellbeing

There’s a wealth of resources out there to help you through every stage of your school, uni and working life.